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Louder than two humans have any right to be, This Summit Fever play heavy, fuzzed-up riff rock. The duo, who hail from the birthplace ofHeavy Metal, are equal parts traditional and contemporary in their sound. Andy (vocals/guitar) and Jim (drums) have been making music together since 2021. From the outset, friends of the band would ask “How can you be a band without a bass player and second guitarist? Aren’t you limiting yourselves?” This Summit Fever have been more than happy to prove that their strength lies in that limitation at shows all over the UK, including Bloodstock 2023. They have also played alongside Raging Speedhorn, Tuskar, Haggard Cat and Boss Keloid. Released in 2021, the first EP, ‘Doubt’ was the sound of a band finding their path. Doubt received many positive reviews from around the world and lead track ‘Reborn’ enjoyed radio play in the UK, France, Austria and the USA.