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SLOTH METROPOLIS formed in Glasgow, 2012. Once the name was chosen, the band's mascot, 'The Sloth of the Metropolis', took on a life of his own, linking songs and live shows into a central story spanning multiple albums. The unique electric-violin and keyboard driven sound of Sloth Metropolis combines influences from the dark corners of prog, folk, doom and increasingly on recent albums, ‘Moth Necropolis’ and ‘Live in the Necropolis’, expansive psychedelic improvisation.

Their first trilogy of albums, ‘The Sloth Cycle Volume 1’, ‘Origins’ and ‘Humanise’ focused on the Sloth of the Metropolis and his occult connections and transformations across time and space. In the latest, ‘The Moth Necropolis’ (Nasoni Records) and its live re-interpretation ‘Live in the Necropolis’, a new and shadowy figure emerges – the Moth of the Necropolis. In an attempt to pin down the Moth, a paranormal investigator pieces together clues from cryptozoology, astrobiology, science fiction and the starry-eyed prophecies of Timothy Leary… 

The stories told in the albums are vividly brought to life in performances through drama, audience interaction, props and costumes.  Sloth Metropolis have brought these occult musical rituals to Scottish festivals including Belladrum Tartan Heart and Celtic Connections, English psychedelic gatherings at Fell Foot Wood, Kozfest and Sonic Rock Solstice, and completed a tour of the UK with San Franciscan psych rockers Tabernacle in 2023.