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logo of the band called el altar del holocausto

El Altar del Holocausto (name derived from a biblical quote, Exodus 27:1•8) is a cult band formed by Reaper Model (Drums and Percussion), Weasel Joe (Guitar I), Reverb Myles (Guitar II), and Skybite (Bass) that navigates between Post-rock and instrumental Doom. It was born in January 2012 with the Lord as their main inspiration.

Each of the members has diverse and different musical influences, which leads them to compose sounds, atmospheres, and stridencies worth listening to. Their songs have dense, melodic, and profound developments and atmospheres that convey the listener to different states. It is necessary to stop and listen to their songs as they are dense, with many transitions and musical compilations that immerse you in states of nostalgia, joy, and sadness.

Their concerts create an aura of insecurity, mystery, and contemplation. They leave no one indifferent. They have released 3 studio works, two LPs (-HE- and -SHE-) and an EP (El Altar Del Holocausto) released in vinyl formats (the colored edition sold out during pre-order) and CDs, which were reissued multiple times due to high demand. They have worked with producers JOE LAMBERT and Justin Weis, who have worked with bands like Russian Circles, Dio, Animal Collective, and Agalloch.

They have performed more than 200 concerts across the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal, and France, presenting their unique vision of instrumental music, which has made them a reference in the instrumental music scene in Spain. They have shared the stage with bands like God Is An Astronaut, Red Fang, Oathbreaker, My Sleeping Karma, Mono, Hamlet, and Toundra, and have presented their music at festivals like Download, Tsunami Xixón, Resurrection Fest, GetMAD!, Dimetal Fest, Kanekas Metal Fest, NoiseOff Unplugged, WolFest, and Stonefest.

-IT- is their fourth record, released in early 2019 and published by Throne Records. They also embarked on a new nationwide tour, played in festivals, and had a European tour.

May the Lord assist us.