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logo of the band called Acid Throne

One of the most exciting new bands emerging from the UK’s murky metal underground are ACID THRONE - Undisputed heavyweights that draw from a rich tapestry of influences, combing the heft of Doom, the attack of Hardcore, the atmosphere of Black Metal and the hooks of Stoner Rock. Barely 6 months into their existence, ACID THRONE won Metal to the Masses in the summer of 2022 and received rapturous approval at the UK’s biggest Independent Metal Festival, BLOODSTOCK.

The band have gigged ceaselessly since then and committed to following the success of their debut EP ‘THE DEMO’ (2022) released and sold out via SPECTRAL HOUND RECORDS the same year, they paused only to forge their debut album ‘KINGDOM’S DEATH’ at Foel Studios in April 2023 with Chris Fielding (CONAN) at the helm.

‘KINGDOM’S DEATH’ is planned for physical and digital release on November 8th 2023 via Acid Throne & Trepanation Records.